Founded in 2012 by Joshua Adler, Paris Wine Company is a wine exporter based in ….you guessed it….Paris.

Paris Wine Company works with a network of distributors to connect wine lovers with great winemakers and delicious wines.

Vignerons in the Paris Wine Family work with minimal intervention in the vineyard and the traditional winemaking techniques to produced balanced, elegant wines that are redefining the direction of French wine.

Paris Wine Company selections are available at your local wine shop, favorite restaurant, or directly to your door.

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Our wines come from vignerons that embrace traditional winemaking methods, who are working with a deep respect for terroir : the ‘new France’ that is embracing ‘old world’ traditions. These producers tend to work organically in the vineyard and with minimal intervention in the cellar.

We’re looking for wines with personality and a distinctive sense of place, wines that will mark the moment, from a weeknight dinner to a special occasion. We’re looking for wines that go well with food, wines that are easy to drink, and where the first empty bottle leads easily to the second.

We like wines that taste good. Doesn't everybody? 


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Our wine is currently distributed in: CA, CO, CT, IL, MA, MN, ND, NY, NJ, OR, RI, SC, TX, VT, WA.

In Massachusetts (Arborway), Vermont (802 Distributors), Connecticut (Ancona's Wines & Liquors), Rhode Island (Best Beverage) 

In New York and New Jersey:

In California (Mission Wine Merchants), Oregon (PDX Wine), Colorado (Anvil Wine), and Washington (Vin2U)

In South Carolina (McCarus Beverage Company, Curated Selections) and Texas (Henderson Selections): 


In Minnesota:


We distribute our wines to some of the finest retailers and restaurants around the country - and we’re working on increasing our points of sale.  Want to know where to find the wines? Email us and we'll put you in touch with a retailer who can sell the wine to you.

Coming through Paris?


We've partnered with Haven in Paris to offer bespoke wine services for their Paris-based clientele. We’re offering custom wine tastings in the Paris homes of their clients, which are all awesome apartments in choice neighborhoods around the city. The tastings are customized, based on clients’ wine preferences and we’ll do our best to provide a good overview of the French wine scene and wine trends. Check out Haven for your next trip to Europe, and if you find yourself missing Paris, we suggest you check out their blog, http://hipparis.com/, that’s packed with great pictures of our city.

Take a look at our Facebook page or Twitter account for the latest tastings. In the past, we have hosted events at the The American Library in Paris and Verjus Wine Bar, to name a few.




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