Vignoble lapierre

Jean-Claude Lapierre

Jean-Claude Lapierre’s domaine encompasses 120 hectares spread over multiple parcels In the foothills of the Cévennes, between Ales and Uzes. To preserve the local biodiversity, the majority of the land is left wild, and M. Lapierre has planted scattered plots of small vineyards for a total of 30 hectares of vines. There is a long ecological tradition in the Cévennes, and the vineyards have been certified organic since 2003. Lapierre made an usual decision when he planted most of vineyards with Merlot, which is not traditional to the region. The local microclimate often creates large storms in the fall, and since Merlot is the red grape that ripens the earliest, Lapierre deduced that it would be the logical best option.

After many years of experiments and collaborations with oenologue Jean-Francois Vrinat, Lapierre has mastered the art of sans-soufre winemaking, and today all of the reds at the domaine are produced and bottled without any added sulfites.

Quietude and Ataraxie and both 100% Merlot produced in the same manner- the only difference between the two cuvées is the age of the vines, though the difference in taste is quite striking.

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Ataraxie Rouge Merlot,  I.G.P. Cévennes

100% Merlot from 20+ year old vines. Clay-Limestone soils. Aged for 8 months in tanks. Produced completely without addition of S02. A rich and spicy smooth red wine. Lapierre says the aromas will make you think you’re standing in the garrigue on a sunny August afternoon, surrounded by dried herbs, earth, and hot stone. Jean Claude suggests enjoying with a dish of partridge with juniper and grapes.






Quiétude Rouge Merlot, I.G.P. Cévennes

100% Merlot from young vines 15-20 years old. Clay-Limestone soils. Aged for 8 months in tanks. Produced completely without addition of S02. A light and fresh red wine that is supple and harmonious with fresh strawberry notes. Pairs well with charcuterie, grilled meats, and savory tarts.